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This September winter comes early

CHALLENGE: How would you change the promo for the S4 you want to see?

Rumple and Belle coming out of the shop. Belle holding onto Rumple as they watch Elsa pass. Henry in the cemetery next to Neal’s grave. Everything else is fine.

Anything with Belle and Gold……(why are they all in FTL outfits) would be fine…..

I’m so frustrated, you have no idea. This was supposed to make me even more excited…. now I’m figuring that Belle will have **** for screen time.

I’m not impressed tbh, but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna share it.

Share what?

oh, the video, I wanted the followers to see it, but I was like “ugh this is kinda gimmicky and stale” I literally could hear “Here we go again, again” From Tropic Thunder Tugg Speedman’s trailer’s when I saw this. 

Oh and the challenge that I just read and never did, how would I change it?

well since I think that fandom is like super f-ing smart I would have done: 

Open on ext of house: Rumple and Belle’s bedroom window 

they’re in bed and the window freezes, Rumple startles and looks almost scared. The camera starts to pan away from the house

Belle (VO): Rumple -What is it.

POV shot: tracking as waves of ice and snow flakes fly through the town like magic currents, stopping at Granny’s sign, and Red shivers and her eyes glow. Next Charming, Snow and the Baby are outside when a trail of gentle snowflakes float by majestically and the baby smiles. A flake glows and whisks by his cheek and he laughs. The camera follows the ice which is now sending Emma’s bug skidding into the Welcome to Storybrooke sign. Where Emma and Elsa are having a stare off. 

Emma: Again? Really?


I LOVE that!!!!


I just get fed up with the PR for OUAT all the time, I think what they don’t get is that baiting casual fans is all well and good, but it hurts the die hards, when that is the only work you’re doing. It does not acknowledge that the people who come back every week, or DVR, or spend lots of money on merch want to be recognized and appreciated in that weird corporate way. I mean to contrast, Game of Thrones PR is literally flawless about it. They have a cook book about the food, Funko pop toys for almost every character PLUSHES OF THE DIRE WOLVES, and every single house mentioned gets at least a cool key chain if not full on t-shirt/ 200 dollar necklace sigil treatment. Every fan counts, even if you’re of house Greyjoy, I mean c’mon that’s just brilliant. and common sense, all at the same time. 

It’s a multi-million dollar show, so why isn’t every regular treated like the cash-cow they could be, from a marketing perspective it’s dumb, and from a fan perspective it’s insulting. 

Also the fact that Oncer’s Photoshop skills put almost their photoshop/ photo department to shame is also something I’d like to bring up and rub in certain people’s faces

I’m a fan of this fandom okay!


Josh Dallas accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge WOO!


Robbie Kay and Sean Maguire complete the ice bucket challenge for ALS


The iPad when I was younger:


Who else is excited about sweaters, boots, fluffy jackets, not sweating outside, the leaves changing colors, and just everything else that comes with fall?!